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Heviz Wellness Apartment


We have apartments and competitive accommodation options for all! Are you a bridal couple? Grandparents taking the children on a break? New parents with babies? A group of friends on a leisure break? Have you got a pet who likes to travel with you? We offer many special apartment packages and discounts!

Special Offers

Wellness promotions and special wellness packages are offered all year round, either for singles, couples or families- you can even bring your pets! We are happy to welcome them!

Spa Recommendations

Come and Relax in the Villa Julia Spar room! Private spa accommodation is available. Do you want to relax with us? Our wellness services in the Villa Julia Apartment House offer more to visitors than anywhere else, as all our spar and accommodation facilities are under one roof!


The Thermal Baths - which are part of the San Andreas rheumatology Hospital - carry out medical treatments with the additional unique beauty of the thermal Lake Bath. The villa Julia is only 900 meters -a 15 minute walk - away. The Spa Heviz has additional spectacular public services and events to welcome guests!

Prices and Bookings

When making a booking always take into account the various discount options and packages available! Check out our prices and request a quote now!

Child Friendly Accommodation

Dear Moms, Dads!
How much time can you spend with the children on weekdays? How long have you been planning your holiday? Every minute spent together is a gift of life! Yes, soon there will come a time when they no longer want to vacation with us. We want to provide you with unforgettable vacation moments! To do this, we provide family-and child-friendly accommodation, a home away from home. Come and have fun with us!

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